50mm salt tablet press machine

Posted on 2020-06-23
50mm salt tablet press. 
In this hot June month, we were very happy to receive the customer's request for machine test. We purchased a full box of edible salt material to help customer press tablets.
The model of this machine is ZP60-17 big rotary tablet press, it is in two-side ejection out, high output, pressure 600KN, the bottom of the machine is a high-energy reducer. This customer previously purchased our ZP40-9 rotary tablet press , who is not sure about the ZP60-17 model. We are very happy to test the machine ZP60-17 and show it to the customer without reservation. Of course, he has placed an order now. Thank you for his trust.
If you are interested in the machine, but are worried about material suppression, you can contact us for a test machine.
edited by Bella Zheng
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