Another new Chinese customer bought our 200g tablet press

Posted on 2021-04-16
Good quality machines never lack customers.
Today here sent another #200g chlorine tablet press machineto Inner Mongolia customer. This machine will run in 24 hours to help customer complete his orders for 200 tons of 200g disinfectant.
With more than 20 years experience of tablet press making , our factory has owned wide connection with people in water treatment. our machines are mainly used to produce tablets in the water treatment industry, such as 300g calcium hypochlorite tablets, 200g disinfectants, 20g disinfectants, 3g disinfectants, 15g salt tablets, etc. At present, more than 50 sets of 200g disinfectant machinesare working all over the world, and more than 40sets of 20g disinfectants are in production. Under the epidemic situation, the market demand for disinfectants has surged, and customers are very satisfied with the stable performance of our machines, and tablets are compressed day and night.
Kindly contact us get machines videos.; whatsapp: 0086 13515272535 
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