Busy shipping day to send one 200g big press to Brazil again!

Posted on 2021-03-29

what machine is most popular to use for 200g chlorine tablet production? come to us! Today sent one machine to Brazil again. here offer the most stable machine model for this 3inch tablet , model ZP80-9A large rotary tablet press machine, more than 50 sets are working around the world in water treatment tablet production. 
  • Fully anti-corrosive titanium alloy tools, longger life. 
  • Big gear box under machine frame , more stable performace.
  • Own first pressure and second pressure function, guarantee hardness of tablets.
  • Electric cabinet is separated from press machine body, protect its electric application. 
  • Top chemical plants are using our machines, except in china, such as in Spain,USA,Brazil,India,Mexico,Japan and so on.
  • Kindly contact us to get more details about this machine.
  • email: tcca@chinatabletpress.com, whatsapp: 0086 13515272535 
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