look at our press machine situaction after 6 years work

Posted on 2021-10-15
    would like to share with you this lovely customer from USA. He met us in 2015 summer, this was his first time to visit China. He was surprised with Chinese development and updated his ideas on Chinese people. At the beginning, he bought our 2 sets of small press machines -20g chlorine tablets. after visit us, he told us that he had plan to own this big press machine for his new project. soon he made this plan come true. Since 2016 May, he owned this big rotary press machine for his new project-Calcium hypochlorite tablet production. I am happy to see his expanded business, and surprised to know this machine situaction recently, after almost 6 years  production for corrosive tablet, it looks still nice. This lovely customer protects it very well, daily clean and lubrication job, paint the machine again each end of year. He is very helpful and always share with us his rich experience on our machine to others.  He is already a good friend to us, not only a customer. ❥
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