What tablet press is used to compress 20g/30mm disinfectant?

Posted on 2021-06-23

Congratulations on the smooth delivery of another batch of rotary tablet presses to Spain.
This batch of rotary tablet presses are used to compress 30mm20g disinfectant tablets.
★The machine pressure is 400KN,  large pressure to guarantee that it can easily press out 20g disinfection tablets with good hardness.
★The machine is equipped with a frequency converter, the speed can be adjusted,  very convenient to use.
★The main structure of the machine is made of ductile iron, which is very firm and runs smoothly.
★The bottom of the machine is equipped with a reducer. The motor drives the reducer through a belt to drive the entire machine to run. The machine is powerful and strong, and there is no noise during the operation.
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