What tablet press machine can make 3inch disinfectant tablets for swimming pool water treatment?

Posted on 2021-05-20
What tablet press can make 3inch disinfectant tablets for swimming pool water treatment? 
Congratulations to Spain xx Chemical Group for purchasing a ZP80-9 large rotary tablet press again from our company for the production of 3inch swimming pool disinfectant tablets. This tablet press is the third order of this customer since 2015. After a brief meeting in Barcelona in 2019, I really hope to visit them again in Spain in the future.
This model is mainly used to suppress 200g/3inch disinfectant
★The machine has 2 sets of pressure, pre-pressure 100KN and main pressure 800KN. The pre-pressure will release the air in the raw material, and the main pressure will press the raw material into hard tablet.
★There is a powerful reducer at the bottom of the machine. The motor is 30KW. The motor drives the reducer through a belt to drive the rotation of the entire machine. It is very powerful and there is no noise or any vibration during operation.
★The machine is equipped with a frequency converter and is installed in a separate electric cabinet. The speed can be adjusted and it is very convenient to use.
★The machine is equipped with anticorrosive titanium alloy molds, which are corrosion resistant and have a long life.

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