Hydraulic tablet press

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Hydraulic tablet press 


Hydraulic tablet pressis famous for its pressure-holding function. Its application is wider than any other machines, which is suitable for all kind material to be pressed into block/tablet.
According to its pressure, there are various kinds of models, such as 40T/60T/100T/200T/300T/500T, even in1000T.
Large hydraulic tablet press can produce 1kg 2kg 3kg 5kg 10kg even 20kg salt blocks.
Popularly, hydraulic tablet press machine can produce chlorine tablets, ceramic tablets, tablets from metal powder and so on.


Food: candy pieces, pieces of coffee, chocolate, flavored pieces, chicken pieces, glucose blocks;
Agriculture: Feed block, fertilizer tablets, animal food;
Electronic Battery: thermistor, IC components, Carboniferous brush films, toner fast;
Health care products: calcium, propolis tablets, effervescent tablets, bath salts tablets;
Chemical: disinfection tablets, insect repellent tablets, mothballs, cleaning agents, fragrances, catalysts, metallurgy powder, glass powder, ceramic powder products, art powder, grinding wheel block, magnetic materials.