Metal powder tablet press

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Tablets of metal powder Tablets of metal powder 
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VFP17 rotary tablet press machine


VFP17 rotary tablet press machine can press any granular material into round or nun-round tablets, such as vitamin tablet, sweet tablets, salt blocks, and the components of electronics and so on. This tablet press machineis widely used in food production, chemistry, electronics and other industries.
Its outside is made of stainless steel and its pressing room uses a new fully enclosed structure of plexiglass. It is bright and perspective, of good appearance and low noise, which is easy to operate and maintenance.


*Medium batch production
*Tablets up to 25mm diameter
*Maximum output of 20,000 tablets per hour
*upper punch guards with transparent window
*Pressing tablet Room 360 ° with transparent windows of plexiglass. No dead structure, easy to observe and clean.
*Easy to clean and minimum maintenance
*Ensures hygienic production condition and operator safety
*Feeder drive system located outside at the tablet pressing zone
*Easy accessibility for quick cleaning and product changeover
*outside is made of stainless steel.
Following is the specification of VFP17 machine for your reference.
Max Pressure80Kn
Max Dia of Tablet15-25mm
Max Depth of Fill15-28mm
Max Thickness of Tablet5-14mm
Turret Speed1-18r/min
Production Capacity18000-20000pcs/h
Motor3.0kw 1430r/min
Frequency Inverter3.7kw
Overall Size860*680*600 mm
Net Weight850kg