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Salt block press 
ZP40-9 rotary tablet press  is popular for tablets production, such as salt tablets, water softener salt, water purification tablets.
small salt tablet press(D=6-25mm), check VFP17 rotary tablet press. 


ZP40-9 rotary tablet press is a mid-size machine model. It has been widely used in chemical, food, health beauty and other areas. ZP40-9 rotary tablet press is a R&D product from our company. It is suitable to press all kinds of granular materials into tablets of round or nun-round shapes. It is popular in bigger tablet production (eg: Dia=30-60mm), such as animal medicine, art use block.
 Its machine body is packaged by stainless steel and its tablet pressing room uses a new fully enclosed structure of Plexiglass, bright and of good appearance.
Just in china, more than 60 sets of our ZP40-11 machines are running now.


*high working pressure, guarantee the quality of finished tablets, eg: hardness.
*Totally enclosed drive system.
*Pressing tablet Room 360 ° with transparent windows of plexiglass. No dead structure, easy to observe and clean.
*its overall is designed of the seal and dust tight structure.
*Easily removable structure, easy operation and maintenance. 
*The speed adjustment of the driver is controlled by the frequency conversion device.
*Easy accessibility for quick cleaning and product changeover.
*Ensures hygienic production condition and operator safety.
 Following is the specification of ZP40-9 for your reference.
Max working pressure400Kn
Dia of Tablet30-60mm
Max Depth of Fill43mm
Thickness of Tablet15-24mm
Turret Speed1-15r/min
Production Capacity 8000pcs/h
Overall Size900*900*2200 mm
Net Weight2800kg