VFP11-15 Rotary tablet press

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VFP11-15 small rotary tablet press 


VFP11-15 small rotary tablet press machines can press any granular material into round or nun-round tablets, such as vitamin tablet, sweets, salt blocks, and the components of electronics and so on. VFP11-15 mini rotary tablet press machine is widely used in food production, chemistry, electronics and other industries.
Its outside is made of stainless steel and its tablet pressing room uses a new fully enclosed structure of Plexiglass. Bright and perspective. Of good appearance and low noise and it is easy to operate and maintenance.



*2 models, VFP11 and VFP15.
*Specially suitable for Pharmaceutical factory, health care products factory, calcium tablets, candy and so on.
*Small rotary tablet press Machine for small batch production
* Robust design with quality engineering
* Easy adjustment of filling depth, tablet thickness and tamping tablet thickness
Following is the specification of VFP11-15 for your reference.
Dies15sets11 sets
Max Pressure40Kn
Dia of tablet5.5-12mm
Max Depth of Fill15mm
Max Thickness of Tablet3-6mm
Turret Speed1-36r/min
Max Production Capacity40000pc/h35000pc/h
Overall Size500*600*1200mm
Net Weight350kg