VFP25 Rotary tablet press

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VFP25 Rotary tablet press can press any granulate material into tablets, except the round-shape tablet, also can press tablets in any geometric shapes/Sided lettering. VFP25 is in double –pressure style, there are two feeders and 2 sets of press wheels.


Flexible punches can be installed in its turntable, namely 50 pieces of tablets will be output each circle.  When for round tablets, according to tablets’ size, two/three/four heads dies can be installed with punch pole, so suitable for big production.


Turret speed, depth of fill, tablet thickness, ejection height of down punch can be adjusted. A separate Deduster is attached with machine, through tube and Suction nozzle, Deduster can such out the dust produced by machine running, which avoid Bonding blockage from dust and reuse the recycling raw material.


VFP25 rotary tablet press machines, have been widely used in pharmacy, food, chemical, electronic and so on.



*Max pressure VFP25 is designed is 100KN, in structure of double pressure, bigger pressure and higher capacity, more stable in production.
*Made of stainless steel and wholly enclosed, inner table surface is made of stainless steel, which avoids Cross-contamination. Meets GMP requirement.
*Transparent glass window is installed, side door can be opened wholly, no outside pillar, easily to do clean and maintenance. Inner room 360-° no dead corner, easier for people to do clean , operate and maintenance.
*Punches in separate structure, decrease the use cost. Hanger roller is equipped in both top and down punches, to make sure that machine can continually work. Single punch nail or multi nails are customized
*Use of the Centralized lubrication system, make sure that all transmission parts work normally.
*Cooling device is equipped in any important part of machine, to guarantee the continues work.
*Machine feeder in forced style and made of stainless steel, feeding speed can be separately adjust , also suitable for production which raw material has bad Mobility.


Main specification:
Model VFP25
Dies25 sets
Max pressure100KN
Max depth of fill15mm
Max thinkness of tablet9mm
Turret speed24r/min
Motor5.5kw 950r/min 380v 50Hz
Overall size 1200X1400X1950mm
Machine new weight3000kg


Production capacity :
1: single head punch (D:up to Φ20mm): 72000 pcs/h
2: two heads punch (D:up to Φ12mm): 144000 pcs/h
3: three heads punch (D:up to Φ9mm): 216000 pcs/h
4: four heads punch (D:up to Φ6mm): 288000 pcs/h