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  Four core strengths
Varous Machine Products
Changzhou Chenguang Machinery, are a real manufacturer in China of various kinds of tablet press machines, such as rotary tablet press machines, large rotary TCCA tablet press machines, lab/small tablet press machines, hydraulic tablet press machines, single punch tablet press machines and so on.
Choice of TCCA Manufacturer
Our tablet press machines, not only popular in china, also have been exported to Brazil, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, Singapore and so on.
Profession and Strength;CE certificate
Benefit from our many years of experience in tablet press manufacturing for the food, pharmaceutical, electronic and chemical industries, our deep industry knowledge can enable us to offer you the best machines for your needs in the shortest possible time.
Keep Up With the Times
“Keep Up With the Times ” as managing rules, we will take full advantage of machine and technology , keep creation and process in order to grow up to be your most trusted supplier.
Relying on the power of scientific and technological talents, ,
Continuous improvement of customer service
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  provide high quality service
  • 300G Large rotary tablet press
    Huge powerful compaction machine is widely used to press 250g 300g TCCA/ Calcium hypochlorite and etc.
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  • 200G Large rotary tablet press
    Hebei Jiheng Chemical Group bought 8 sets.
    Best choice for 200g Chlorine production, max 5400pcs/h.
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  • φ80mm Large rotary tablet press
    800kn pressure, double times pressing, can press max weight 300g products.
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  • Highest capacity TCCA Chlorine press
    More than 10 chemical groups already ordered this machine.
    You will like we are sure!
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  provide high quality service
3 sets of large rotary tablet presses sent to the United States again
  • 2021-01-22
  • 3 sets of large rotary tablet press...

  • The ZP80-9 large rotary tablet press is definitely a popular model in 2020. Today, 3 sets of large rotary  tablet press machines were loaded into a 40 HQ  at the same time. In order to ship before the 2021 Spring Festival holiday, we tried our best to shorten the delivery time  by 1/3 .Must say thanks to our team . In the cold winter, they postponed to get off work hours and gave up the weekend re...
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what machine is used for 200g disinfection tablet press?
  • 2020-12-02
  • what machine is used for 200g disin...

  • Here be proud to introduce you this large rotary tablet press machine, here sold more than 50 sets of them for 3inch 200g product, max pressure 800kn, own main pressure and pre-pressure function, motor 30kw, sold them to lots of water treatment companies in Spain, USA, Moxico, Canada, Brazil, India, Japan and so on. any interests, contact us by following, would like to share with you more videos a...
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Spain!Here sent another 20G chlroine tablet press machine to Spain again.
  • 2020-11-23
  • Spain!Here sent another 20G chlroin...

  • Thank the customer for their recognition and trust to us. This is the  fourth tablet press machine he owned from us. Really appreciate him. Look forward to the running of his new production line.any interests, contact us by whatsapp: 0086 135152723535  tcca@chinatabletpress.com
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Another big rotary tablet press machine is shipped to miami
  • 2020-10-22
  • Another big rotary tablet press mac...

  • this is model ZP60-23 double side rotary tablet press machine.customer prefers to own it to press the 1inch chlorine tablet. max pressure 600kn, eject tablets from 2 directions, recently here shipped one to Miami.any interests, contact us by whatsapp: 0086 135152723535  tcca@chinatabletpress.com
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