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  Four core strengths
Varous Machine Products
Changzhou Chenguang Machinery, are a real manufacturer in China of various kinds of tablet press machines, such as rotary tablet press machines, large rotary TCCA tablet press machines, lab/small tablet press machines, hydraulic tablet press machines, single punch tablet press machines and so on.
Choice of TCCA Manufacturer
Our tablet press machines, not only popular in china, also have been exported to Brazil, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, Singapore and so on.
Profession and Strength;CE certificate
Benefit from our many years of experience in tablet press manufacturing for the food, pharmaceutical, electronic and chemical industries, our deep industry knowledge can enable us to offer you the best machines for your needs in the shortest possible time.
Keep Up With the Times
“Keep Up With the Times ” as managing rules, we will take full advantage of machine and technology , keep creation and process in order to grow up to be your most trusted supplier.
Relying on the power of scientific and technological talents, ,
Continuous improvement of customer service
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  provide high quality service
  • 300G Large rotary tablet press
    Huge powerful compaction machine is widely used to press 250g 300g TCCA/ Calcium hypochlorite and etc.
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  • 200G Large rotary tablet press
    Hebei Jiheng Chemical Group bought 8 sets.
    Best choice for 200g Chlorine production, max 5400pcs/h.
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  • φ80mm Large rotary tablet press
    800kn pressure, double times pressing, can press max weight 300g products.
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  • Highest capacity TCCA Chlorine press
    More than 10 chemical groups already ordered this machine.
    You will like we are sure!
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  provide high quality service
  • 2020-09-20

  • 3.5G SDIC TABLET PRESS MACHINE This model VFP17 is the most popuar model now in our company, cheap  price and shorter delivery. it is used to press 3.5g small chlorine Effervescent tablets. Machine pressure 80kn, and equipped with Titanium alloy mold. here recorded lots of videos and pictures about the machine test, any interest, can contact us by whatsapp to get files. Edited by Bella Zheng Whats...
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200g 3inch large rotary tablet press machine
  • 2020-08-19
  • 200g 3inch large rotary tablet pres...

  • 200g 3inch large rotary tablet press machineThe hottest August here of the year has began. The outdoor temperature reached 40 degrees. Today we sent out 2 sets of rotary tablet press machines. The internal temperature of the container reached 50 degrees. For the safety of the machines, our workers are responsible to reinforce the feet of the machines, Appreciate them very much. After 30 days, the ...
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UK customer ordered our 400kn rotary press machine again
  • 2020-07-10
  • UK customer ordered our 400kn rotar...

  • 40mm rotary tablet press machineThe epidemic situation in Europe is not good. We have sent masks to our customers and wish everyone's safety in 2020. After airlifting a machine to a British customer last month, his company urgently purchased our ZP40-9 rotary tablet press to compress 40mm and 25mm disinfectants. Originally it took 35 days for delivery. We did our best to complete the work within 2...
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50mm salt tablet press machine
  • 2020-06-23
  • 50mm salt tablet press machine

  • 50mm salt tablet press. In this hot June month, we were very happy to receive the customer's request for machine test. We purchased a full box of edible salt material to help customer press tablets.The model of this machine is ZP60-17 big rotary tablet press, it is in two-side ejection out, high output, pressure 600KN, the bottom of the machine is a high-energy reducer. This customer previously pu...
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