How do I choose a right machine that meets my requirement?
Tell us information of your tablets, including diameter, thickness, shape and production capacity one hour. Our technical people will help you choose a best suitable tablet press.
How do I place an order?
Email us directly. Our sales people will follow your order.
What will be supplied with machines when shipment?
English manuals and related tools will be supplied free of charge when shipment.
Can I order moulds without ordering machines?
Yes, we supply the services that make moulds according to you.
Can I visit your factory before ordering machine?
Yes, absolutely. Sincerely welcome to us. It’s common way that people come to see our machines before ordering.
What about the warranty of your machines?
1-year warranty. After this period, any question, you also can ask us. We will try our best to help you.
Do you have CE certificate for your tablet press machines?
Yes, we have, contact us to send you the certificate.
Which countries your machines have arrived?
Have been exported to USA/ UK/ CANADA/ JAPAN/ MEXICO/ SPAIN/ POLAND/ SOUTH AFRICA/ THAILAND/ MOROCCO/ TUISIA/ EGYPT/ SAUDI ARABIA. And we are developing agents around the world, contact us if you have any interests.
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