ZP100-9C super large rotary press

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ZP100-9C super large rotary press machine(max pressure 1000Kn)
used to press 300g -350g big tablets, such as 300g/350g Calcium hypochlorite tablet.
ZP100-9C can press any granular material into large tablets of round or non-round shape. It was specially developed for large tablet production in 300g -350g.
ZP100-9C super large rotary tablet press machine , own a bigger depth of fill 90cm, and own a bigger main pressure 1000kn+Pre-pressfure 200kn. It is an idea machine for water treatment facory on high capacity 300-350g tablet production .
* 9 pcs of Tablets output in each circle, max 5400pcs/h.
* has pre-press wheel 200Kn, and 1000Kn main pressure, which guarantee the quality of finished tablets.
* Moulds are made of Titanium Alloy material.
*Own a big powerful gear box under machine bottom frame.
* Other parts connecting with material are made of Titanium material.
* Transparent window is made of plexiglass, prevent powder from cross-contamination
* All gearing parts are fixed in machine inner, avoid it of corrosion.
* With a frequency protection device, if pressure is too large, the tablet press machine can be automatically shut down to protect the body from damage.
Following is the specification and ZP100-9C machine for your reference.
Dies9 sets
Max main pressure1000 Kn
Max Dia of Tablet80 mm
Depth of Fill90mm
max Thickness of Tablet54 mm
Turret Speed1--10r/min
Max Production Capacity1-5400 pcs/h(adjustable)
Motor45 kw 960 r/min 380 v / 50 hz/3p
Overall Size(with hopper) 2200×1600×2950mm
Net Weight7000kg

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