10g 20g rotary tablet press machine

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10g 20g rotary tablet press machine
ZP40-11rotary tablet press machine



The model ZP40-11 is amedium sized rotary tablet press machine. It has been widely used in chemical, food, health beauty and other areas. ZP40-11 rotary tablet press is a R&D product from our company. It is suitable to press all kinds of granular materials into tablets of round or nun-round shapes. It is popular in bigger tablet production (eg: Dia=20-40mm), such as animal medicine, art use block. Machine body is packaged by stainless steel and its tablet pressing room uses a new fully enclosed structure of Plexiglass, bright and of good appearance.
One of its typical Applications is for 20g chlorine tablet production. Just in china, more than 60 sets of our ZP40-11 machines are used to produce20g/30g chlorine/1-inch Tri-chlor/1-inch swimming pool chlorine tablets.For example: Hebei Jiheng Chemical and Tai’An Huatai Chemical are using our ZP40 series machines.


*high working pressure, guarantee the hardness of finished tablets.
* Speed variation by inverter.
* Easy and quick assembly and dismantling of hoppers, feeders and dies for cleaning and product replacement purposes.
* Transparent window of plexiglass, easily check tablet production and clean.
* Therotary tablet machine has adjustable wheels. Machine speed and depth of fill can be adjustable according to real production. Also easy to operate.
* Simplicity of operation, operator safety and easy to maintenance
*Specially designed for pharmaceutical, Veterinary, chemical, plastic, ceramics, Powder metals and other specialized industries.


Following is the specification of ZP40-11 for your reference.
Max pressure400Kn
Dia of Tablet20-40mm
Depth of Fill43mm
Thickness of Tablet15-22mm
Turret Speed1-15r/min
Production CapacityFor nun-round shape, 7500-10000pcs/h
For round tablets, speed is higher,15000pcs/h.
Motor7.5Kw 3P380v/50hz(customized)
Overall Size900*900*2200 mm
Net Weight2800kg

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