Hot air oven

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Hot air oven


Most of hot air is circulating inside the oven.The hot efficiency is high.The energy source can be saved.
It applies compulsory ventilation and equipped with adjustable air divider plate inside the oven, Raw material can be dried evenly,The hot source is extensive, such as steam, hot water, electricity or far infrared.
The machine has low noise and stable running. The temperature can be controlled automatically. The installation and maintenance are very convenient.
The application is wide and suits for all kinds of raw materials. It is a universal drier.


Scppe of application:
It is suitable for heating and solidification , and dehydration of raw materials in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, agricultural products, aquatic products, light industry heavy industry and so on.
Such as medicine of raw materials, Chinese traditional medicine,tablet of drink, immersed electrolyte,powder, granule, packing bottle, pigment , dyestuff, vegetable dehydration,dried fruit and melons, sausage, plastic resin, electric elements, drying varnish and so on.


Model Dry quantity
each time
 Fan Power
 Heating Power
Oven plate quantity   Overall size(mm) Wind power
(m3/h )
RXH-0 50 0.45 11 5 ±2 24 pcs 1500*1000
3400 Single door
One cart
RXH-I 100 0.45 17 18 ±2 48 pcs 2300*1200
3400 Dow doors
Two carts
RXH-II 200 0.9 30 36 ±2 96 pcs 2300*220
6900 Two doors
Four cart
RXH-III 300 1.35 50 54 ±2 144 pcs 2300*3220
10350 Two doors
Six carts
RXH-IV 400 1.8 68 72 ±2 192 pcs 4460*2200
13800 Four doors
Eight carts

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