VFPSH5-7 Small rotary tablet press

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VFPSH5-7 small rotary tablet press



VFPSH5-7 small rotary tablet press machine that designed for R&D, hospital, lab use or other small production. It is capable of producing different kinds of tablets such as confectionaries, calcium tablet and tablet of abnormal shape. VFPSH5-7 meets the national GMP requirement. The pressing and transmitting room are separated, and equipped with transparent Plexiglas, in order to prevent pollution and easy to clean.
Its outside is made of stainless steel and its tablet pressing room uses a new fully enclosed structure of Plexiglass. Bright and perspective. Of good appearance and low noise and it is easy to operate and maintenance.


* Ideal for research & development
* 2 models, VFPSH5 and VFPSH7.
* Made of stainless steel, meeting the G. M. P requirement.
* Easy and quick assembly and dismantling of hoppers, feeders and dies for cleaning and product replacement purposes.
* Robust design with quality engineering
* Easy adjustment of filling depth, tablet thickness and tamping tablet thickness.
* The tablet press has transparent windows so that press condition can be observed clearly


Following is the specification of VFPSH5-7 for your reference.


Max Pressure50Kn
Dia of tablet5-16mm
Max Depth of Fill5-20mm
Max Thickness of Tablet2-8mm
Turret Speed1-15r/min
Production Capacity4500pcs/h6300pcs/h
Overall Size500*700*1200mm
Net Weight350 kg

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