ZP60 Large bilayer rotary tablet press

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ZP60-23 Rotary Tablet Press is used in electronic industry, food industry, chemical industry, articles of everyday use industry and pharmaceutical industry, for pressing various granular raw materials into special shaped tablets. Such as electronic element, camphor ball, catalyst and powder metallurgy.
ZP60-23 rotary tablet press can press double layer tablets, e.g double layer dishwasher tablets.


1. The machine pressure is very high, suitable for tablets in big size and double layer tablets(double layer dishwasher tablets).
2. Machine is fully closed. The rotary turntable is made of one piece, very stable, also the turret surface is wear resistant.
3. Adopt transparent windows, tableting state can be observed clearly. The windows can be opened, cleaning and maintenance is easy.
4. Machine design is reasonable. Operation, dismantling and maintenance is convenient.
5. Machine speed is adjustable, production capacity in big size is large, suitable for scale production.
5. The machine can stop automatic in case of over pressure.
6. All the drive devices are located inside the machine so keep the machine clean.
Following is ZP60-23 rotary tablet press specification, as for reference.


Max Pressure600Kn
Max Dia of Tablet60mm
Max Depth of Fill52mm
Max Thickness of Tablet25mm
Turret Speed1-10r/min
Production Capacity13500pcs/h

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